Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Make Your Performance 'You', In The 'Edition' of 'You'!

Make Your Performance 'You',
In The 'Edition' of 'You'!

You have left the quiet place within, where you work at your pace and your personal expression. The tense, compact concern with ornaments, exact cadenzas, and exact phrasing of your particular solo’s published edition reveals a concentration on what your critics are going to think----what your former teachers would mark wrong.  Throw away all those 'tapes' of your old teachers and critics!

Remember this:
Mozart wrote almost no ornaments, phrasing, or cadenzas into his original parts, --- scores.
In his era, those were improvised by the soloists, changing sometimes with every performance, slightly or radically. Ornaments now accepted in popular editions were added by the editors; the phrasing and accepted cadenzas were also chosen by the editors; in the time of Mozart, cadenzas were the ad lib solos for the artist, changing with every performance.  Many contemporary young classical artists are now adopting this practice.

I mention all this to let you adopt the attitude that all ornaments, phrasing, and cadenzas are not written in stone-are in fact arbitrary;
you can change, add, or skip a few,
as Jean-Pierre Rampal and Galway amply did in their Bach Sonata recordings.  
Martin Frost is a young Classical clarinet soloist, much touted by critics, that is very subjective and liberal in his ornamental and cadenza selections.  Eddie Daniels has a recent Copland Clarinet Concerto Youtube performance, where in he improvises 90% of the cadenza, completely foreign to Copland's original written material.

So don't concentrate on the ornaments, phrasing, and editorially added detail, but rather on what Mozart, or any other composer invented;---YOUR take on what they meant in their voluptuous   melodic materials and structures.  This is what will be heard and savored by all in your performance, friends, audience, critics, each and all.  (Make coordinated phrasing of the motifs as they are repeated and developed in all parts of the piece, especially in the development sections.)

I'm just trying to relax and convince all performers, that this is your performance, not the editors 'clone version'; take the materials as you will and express your music.

Errol Weiss Schlabach

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The piece of God in us

'When we were born'

When we were conceived,

God attached 

His small piece to our being;

Lent to give us our empathy,

To serve as our surrogate sensual soul!

When we do things to be happy,

That tiny God-piece is happy,

And that's the way it should be;

As we age, the God-piece trends and wends

Back to the universal self:

We are all just 'one'!

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Errol Weiss Schlabach

Friday, August 16, 2013

Essence of our life's pursuit! A poem by Errrol

'Life's Pursuit'

Our essence,

The rock solid core of the reason 

We ceaselessly pursue to reach what:

That summit of our quintessence,

(Our essential crest)

It drives us! 

Eternally, it creates strive in us!

Most perhaps settle and accept

stark, barren, shallow end!

I will not!!!

That perfect Elysium peak is possible.

Errol Weiss Weiss Schlabach  
August 16, 2013

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God Bless

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

When you've suffered a cussing from another brother!

If you have suffered the infliction of cussing from a near or distant 'brother',
the impact can be grueling

A dear friend of mine suffered such an attack.
and I was moved to write this poem.

I hope the meaning will move you to reflect, 
and never inflict such a barrage!

'Day Of Emotional Infringement'

I apologize
   From the Higher Power,

For the pain you felt,
   Rape of your inner core;

Four letter words sent,
   Balistic with evil intent,

Inflicts rent on your soul,
   The part of God you rent!

Sincerely from 
Errol Weiss Schlabach
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Friday, July 26, 2013

2 Ways to live your life: by nature, or by grace!

How will you live your life?

There are two ways of embracing life:
Approach it by nature, or by grace.

If by grace, we love by giving,  
with complete acceptance of the beloved,
with no expectations or contingencies to be fulfilled;

If by nature, the love we give will be fulfilling to one's self, 
controlling, with expectations and limits upon the beloved.

Those who live by grace?: 
---never reap a bad end.

God Bless,
Errol Weiss Schlabach

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Play another Paquito piece, Cantrodanze

Paquito’s composition.
A great read and lesson in control!
July 25, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Play 'Tico tico', Paquito DeRivera's version!

I transcribed this from Paquito's 1996 recording.  Enjoy!!!

Please reverse the 2nd &  3 rd pages.  Thank you.